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5 trends for those who will invest in real estate

For those who do not know, “market trends” is a widely used term that refers to new consumption habits, which indicate new paths to follow and new market niches to be explored, especially for those who want to invest in real estate.

When investing, it is very important that you try to find out what the market trends are, as they usually present the best results and the growth rate of the business may be even higher than expected.

In addition, investment is a way to take advantage of the trend’s recent popularity. Thinking about it, know now five market trends in the real estate sector and find out why you should direct your investments in these directions!

1. Rise of the real estate investor

Private investors are part of an increasingly important cog in the global real estate market. According to the latest World Wealth Report conducted by the UK-based real estate broker Knight Frank, 27% of all global commercial property transactions in 2016 involved a private buyer.

In addition, according to the survey, a quarter of the global private wealth is held in some type of real estate investment (with the exception of those related to first acquisition homes and second homes).

As private investors grow in importance, investment firms are realizing that such investors are like key buyers, whose motivations are sometimes very different from those of a company and need to be understood.

If you are new to the business and looking for help, you can always seek guidance from Real Estate Agents, great references in the real estate market in Brazil.

2. Crowdfunding

Crowdfunding has been proving to be an important driver of change for the real estate sector.

This trend not only gives smaller investors the chance to compete without having to combine millions of reais in capital, it also makes some of the current real estate markets accessible to a much larger group of investors.

Instead of paying the entire bill on their own, individuals can partner with as many different funders as possible to reduce start-up costs and help make their investment dreams a reality.

In the state of Paraná, there are many apartments for sale that were financed by crowdfunding projects.

3. Smaller size properties

As job opportunities attract more and more people to metropolitan areas, space becomes an even more important issue. Population growth in cities increases the demand for smaller properties.

As a result, it becomes increasingly relevant for real estate investors to be aware of the square footage of their properties. Today, you can more easily satisfy a tenant’s needs and expectations for a much more reasonable price.

Owners can expect more modest offers to attract tenants, especially as accessibility becomes an important issue. Real estate seekers intend to save on rental costs, even if it results in the sacrifice of having less square footage.

If you want to see some examples of prices per square footage, to get an idea of ​​how much you could price your property, search on the keywords “Imóveis Curitiba” on Google. In this capital, there are many real estate agents that can even help you to identify the real value of your property.

4. The arrival of millennials

For a long time, the real estate sector waited for the millennium generation to reach an age when it would start buying houses in large numbers. This time has finally come, and now millennials represent a new and modern trend in the real estate market.

If you are thinking of investing in real estate for university students and newcomers to the job market, look for some ideas on real estate websites in Curitiba. In this city, there are many good examples of homes that millennials would like to live in.

5. Coliving

Coliving is a form of housing in which residents who do not necessarily know each other share the same space. It is part of a modern and urban lifestyle that values ​​openness and sharing.

In particular, coliving can be seen as an extension of the coworking trend, in which professionals who do not necessarily know each other share the same work office, in order to save costs and share ideas.

Coliving has attracted the generation of the millennium due to its profile, which is more open to the idea of ​​a shared experience.

Not surprisingly, we see a strong interest in the concept of coliving in cities with a growing wave of working and traveling millennials, and hubs that attract technopreneurs, startups and the creative industries.

The increase in costs in residential accounts and in the value of rents also plays a role. Many singles, students and young workers find conventional apartments out of their financial reach, due to these factors mentioned above.

Currently, there are many apartments for sale in Curitiba perfect for investors who want to acquire real estate to profit from the lease in the format of coliving.

Final word

Real estate investors always need to keep up to date with market trends, since the real estate sector is constantly changing and keeping up with news helps investors to invest correctly to achieve some success.

Therefore, our final word is this: understand the real estate market, its trends and make an investment plan according to the current market scenario.

If you have extra time, you can search for the keywords “Imóveis Curitiba” on Google to take a look at the current property models that are available for sale or lease.

It can be a great reference for you to know where to start looking for a property to invest.

So, have you decided on which market trend will drive and invest in real estate? Just be sure to research a reasonable amount of properties before deciding on what type of house or apartment you want to invest in, okay?

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