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Apartment types: get to know each one and understand their differences

When it comes to buying a property, it is normal for people to be in doubt between a house or an apartment. What they forget is that there are several types of apartments.

Each of them is recommended for a moment in the life of the resident. In addition, each variation of this property will require a different strategy when it comes to decorating it. Therefore, it is necessary to understand what these variations mean.

To help you, we decided to write a full article explaining everything about the topic. Good reading!

Apartment types: kitchenette

Also known as a “kitnet”, it is a small apartment whose average size is 30 m². The property has only one room that divides the functions of bedroom and kitchen. In addition, the kitchenettes have a small bathroom with shower, sink and toilet.

Among apartment types, kitchenettes are often chosen by people who are looking for savings. It is not common to buy this property, the most recurring is to rent it. It is an alternative for single people.

Decorating a kitchenette is often an exercise in minimalism and detachment. The resident must have only what will be used. Among the appliances, a kitchen hood and a fan are indispensable.


It is a property with no divisions between the rooms, which brings a feeling of spaciousness to the apartment. The first lofts date back to the 1960s, in New York.

This was the common property among artists, since it allowed residents to work and receive their friends at home with great comfort.

These artists occupied abandoned factories, revitalizing them and transforming them into sophisticated places. For this reason, these apartments do not have walls dividing their rooms and, in the past, were located only in the centers of large cities.

This property model is ideal for single people or couples without children, since it does not allow great privacy among residents. A loft opens up a variety of decorative possibilities, making the living experience very personal.


Like the loft, the studio does not have its spaces divided by walls. The big difference between them is in the size, because this apartment is usually smaller, resembling a kitchenette.

A difference between the studio and the kitchenette is that this apartment allows you to integrate a bedroom, living room and kitchen in the same environment. In the case of the kitchenette, the integration is only between the bedroom and the kitchen.

Another characteristic of the studios is the excellent location, since these properties are usually built at disputed addresses in the city.

It is important to understand that some companies have come to use the word “studio” as a synonym for “kitchenette”, since this word is perceived as a refined environment, while the public understands the latter as an economic choice.

A  G1 report illustrates this point of attention. In it, the developer sells studios of 14 square meters.

In this real estate option, the resident must resort to planned or compact furniture when decorating it.


Apartment with two floors. It is an option for families who need space, but do not wish to live in a home. Another justification for buying this property is its commercial value, as it is an investment with good chances of generating profit in the resale.

Among the types of apartment, the duplex stands out for the comfort it brings to the resident who will have ample rooms at his disposal. In addition, the owner can invest in private leisure areas, such as a gym or a small spa.

The disadvantage of duplexes is the high cost of the condominium fee and the value of the investment. For this reason, this house is chosen by people with a stabilized financial life.

Garden or Giardino

These are apartments that are on the ground floor and give the resident the chance to have a garden, a small yard or a vegetable garden, for example. Among the advantages of the giardinos, we can highlight the ease of access, since the resident will only need to go through the gate of the condominium to enter the house.

Another advantage is the lower price. Apartments located on the ground floor usually cost less than those on the upper floors. This also helps the resident to sell it, if they wish.

Among the disadvantages, it is important to clarify that depending on the condominium, the resident’s view can be a wall – unlike the city landscape that can be admired from the highest floors.

Still varying from condominium to condominium, a giardino apartment may have difficulty with ventilation if its windows are very close to walls.

This type of property is recommended for families, especially those with young children, as they can safely play in the garden. Pets also benefit from garden-type apartments.


The opposite end of the property described in the previous topic. A penthouse is usually the most expensive property in the condominium. The privileged view is a differential.

In addition, these properties give the resident the opportunity to have a private leisure area, such as a swimming pool, for example.

Buying a cover requires a large financial investment on the part of the consumer.

Standard apartment

The best known among the apartment varieties. In this apartment, we have rooms divided by walls. This limits the spaces, but makes it easier to decorate – in addition to bringing privacy to the resident.

Standard apartments are usually divided by the number of bedrooms they have. In the past, this model of property even had a room for employees. With the reduction of people who resort to this service, today the new apartments bring spaces to the home office.

The decoration can be done with ready or planned furniture, leaving it up to the resident to decide how each room will be used.

As we saw in this article, apartment is not all the same. There are several apartment models available on the market. Now that you know each one of them, it’s easier to choose the model that meets your demands, isn’t it?

Remember that a person can have many types of apartment during his life. The university student who now lives in a kitchenette may own a beautiful penthouse in the future.