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Digital real estate marketing: see 6 reasons to invest in it

The internet has reached impressive heights. Today Brazil has more than 85 million Internet users, and most of them are looking for real estate. To be more exact, the average is 16 million searches for properties every month – that is, millions and millions of potential customers can find you!

With the current change in consumption habits, the power of information is in the hands of the buyer, who will, of course, do a lot of research before making any decision. In this context, search engines and digital real estate marketing have become great alternatives for those who want to be found and stand out among the competition.

From reducing risks to increasing sales predictability, there is no lack of reasons to dive headlong into this practice. Want to know what are the main reasons for investing in digital real estate marketing? Then continue reading this post:

You build your authority

Those in the real estate market today realize that a lot has changed. The crisis, tight competition and other external factors are troubling. Therefore, it is necessary to look for ways to differentiate yourself.

People increasingly do business with whom they trust, and in order to build authority in your market – and establish a bond of trust with the prospective customer – you need to be present in people’s daily lives. As the main means of consuming information, today is the internet, you need to keep your brand and name strong on this channel.

Being well positioned on a Google results page, having a good job on social networks and having good communication with the public are imperative for any broker who wants new business even in the current economic scenario.

You have more predictability of results

We know that it is possible to have a good salary working as a realtor, but for that you need to have a good flow of sales happening every month – which means talking to as many people as possible and discovering a considerable amount of opportunities, right?

No other channel is going to have the reach like digital. With your media, you will not bet all your eggs in one basket. You have a much wider range of possibilities to work and generate business.

If new contacts are not coming through the broker, you will still have the website, the YouTube channel, the ads on Facebook and Google AdWords … That is, you will hardly start or end the month without the possibility of closing a sale!

There is a more advantageous return on investment

Everyone recognizes that advertising is the lifeblood of the business. Flyers, radio and TV ads and so many other tactics may work, but they are not cheap at all, are they? Furthermore, how do you measure the return on investment for each of these media?

With digital real estate marketing, you can see which channels are most successful, that is, where your audience is really coming from. So, if an investment is not paying off, you can identify the problem more quickly and reallocate resources to actions that help you, in fact, to sell more properties.

You know your audience

To maintain an assertive communication with the public that has the potential to buy the properties you need to sell, you need to know them. Of course, the day-to-day experience of the market helps a lot. However, if you really want to be a high-performance real estate broker, you will need to go further.

So you need to know better who the person is really buying from. Blogs, social networks and email marketing are great tools for gaining business intelligence about who your audience is and getting closer to them.

Remember that on the internet, all actions must be directed, and this so-called intelligence is essential to show that you know the buyer and that he speaks his language.

You maintain the relationship with customers

Even after selling the property, it is very important to maintain the links and strengthen them even more! If you do a good after-sales job like nova City Islamabad , with your current customers, you will generate promoters of your name or brand. Think about it: if a friend recommends you to a professional or a company because of a good service, what are the chances of you closing a deal with them?

In addition, competent work with digital real estate marketing will keep your reputation high and what people are saying about you. Remember that, when we talk about the real estate market, we are often referring to the dream of a large part of the Brazilian population.

With the “consumer 2.0”, who searches to buy just about anything, the history, recommendations and what people (read “the internet”) are talking about this company as a whole will be decisive information when making the decision to go ahead or not!

Your competitors are already there

Every minute you postpone starting your digital marketing focused on the real estate market represents a little more space gained by your competitors.

The internet has reduced the distance between businesses and consumers for one click or another, and this has helped to balance the game between businesses of varying sizes. You then need to go after your seat!

In addition, we mention that about 16 million searches for properties are carried out monthly in Brazil. So today, these people may be contacting your competitor – not you.

The internet has opened up space for everyone to be able to attract, sell and retain their customers. As people increasingly have purchasing power linked to the search for information before taking the first step, digital real estate marketing has become one of the ways to attract attention.

Do you still have questions about it? Do you think this just doesn’t work for you? So leave your questions and opinions in our comments field and join the conversation!