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Do you know how to sell through WhatsApp? Learn in this post everything you need to make your sales department take off!

Knowing how to sell through WhatsApp is more than being a young and up-to-date company. Using this social network as a means of contacting customers is essential to be present in the market.

Today, more than two billion people use this app in over 180 countries. Now, if your potential contacts are present on WhatsApp, what do you need to do to improve your sales team’s results? The answer is obvious: you must also use it for sales!

After the new normal the world lives in, where home office and online service have become common in the industry, digital media are much more relevant than they already were.

To give you an idea of ​​the importance of this tool, in Brazil alonemore than 100 million people use the app. For these reasons, be present on this network, learn how Nova city Islamabad sell plots in through WhatsApp which can update your sales department.

Phone sales approach

Of course, a phone sales approach is an important step in the business process. The most common are cold calls (cold calls) and prospecting for new customers, but through WhatsApp, there are other additional advantages to this method already used, which are:

  • The seller is able to send messages and information to multiple customers quickly;
  • The customer can respond when time is available;
  • The relationship between seller and buyer can often be nurtured with rich content;
  • When having any questions, the customer can, in a simple and easy way, send a text or audio messages and receive the necessary help and support;
  • Conversation information is saved and can be quickly accessed when needed.

In fact, the use of these technologies is already present in the lives of many people in the commercial department, but in this article, we will help you to use this application and get the most out of it.

How to sell through WhatsApp

We have separated the main tips to boost sales through WhatsApp:

Use transmission lists

If you want to know how to sell through WhatsApp, you need to know the broadcasting list option: a feature that allows you to send the same message to up to 256 contacts at once.

Much more effective than communicating via groups, the broadcast list sends the message directly to the consumer’s private chat, creating a conversation with them and highlighting the content of their contact.

However, do not use this functionality for offers only. It can be an ally when offering quality content that talks about your segment, about the products or services you provide and even about your company. By giving a quality material to the customer, sales will take place naturally.

It should be noted that, for a transmission list to work, it is important that the user has the contact saved, so the strategy works very well to offer new services to the customers you already have.

Offer content

It is essential that you create engagement through audios, videos, texts and also share the profiles of your other social networks on WhatsApp itself. For example, summarize a post on your blog, send a video of your product’s benefits, or send notification of something like live or special campaigns.

Don’t exaggerate the number of messages. It is necessary to use common sense not to be blocked in the network. In many cases, just once a week is enough.

Ideally, create multiple lists and build a sales funnel for prospected customers.

Build the audience

It’s no use just knowing how to sell through WhatsApp if you don’t look for new contacts and keep your customer base active, right?

Calm down, we’ll tell you some strategies to get new prospects using other social networks like Facebook and Instagram. The tactic is the same for getting emails, for example.

Offer a digital bait in exchange for the WhatsApp number, and ask the person to add you to receive something like e-book, articles, tips, info graphics, video, rich content. These rewards enhance the brand’s value proposition.

Promote your WhatsApp through publications such as “contact us at the number xxxxx-xxxx and send the code #promo to participate in an x ​​promotion”. To send the message, the customer will have to save their contact and it will become part of their transmission list.

Create campaigns

Once you’ve gotten the customer’s contact, it’s time to use your creativity to trigger the best texts in order to entice the reader to make the purchase.

Be persuasive when offering your product or service. Many people imagine that WhatsApp sales are individual, in which the salesperson convinces the customer by direct message, but this strategy is only the end of the approach.

Through lists, you feed customers with a series of content, until you launch a sales letter about your company. If there is interest, the service will be personalized.

Use mental triggers

Mental triggers are persuasion techniques that use aspects such as urgency, scarcity and exclusivity to sell more and also used by the marketing team of Capital Smart City. They are external reactions to a stimulus and trigger some desire or action, such as buying.

In practice, think of those features that many sites use, such as “there are only X products left in stock”, “offers are only for today”, “buy 1 and 1 get 2”. These are all good examples of ways to encourage the consumer to buy.

After getting attention and engaging them with these impactful phrases, closure becomes much easier to happen. 

Integrate WhatsApp into your CRM

If possible, integrate the two tools, so you’ll be able to better monitor contacts. In addition, with the numbers saved in CRM you can instantly be accessed on WhatsApp, which facilitates communication with customers and prospects.

Take the test on your team, which channel has the most response from leads, WhatsApp or email? It is likely that the answer is “by Whats”. This proves that integrating it with CRM is a great option, because that way your salespeople can instantly open the available web app and start a conversation.

How to sell through WhatsApp Business

This is a basic and essential tip on how to sell through WhatsApp. In addition to conveying professionalism to the customer, WhatsApp Business also has a series of useful features when it comes to sales.

The tool gives you valuable data about the performance of your strategies. Among the most interesting information are:

  • Number of messages that were triggered;
  • What messages were delivered to customers;
  • What messages were read?

With this version of the app, it is possible to schedule automatic responses, such as when someone sends something outside office hours, they automatically receive a message like: Hello, we serve from 8:00 to 18:00. As soon as possible an attendant will contact you.

It is also possible to organize the contacts according to the moment of the purchase journey and the stage of the funnel in which the consumer is. For example, if it’s his first contact with the company, you can put a tag on it. Now, if you are already a frequent shopper, you can also categorize it as such.

With these practices, it is easier to organize the service and be able to respond to everyone through the app.

Abuse of the catalog function

Since 2019, WhatsApp provides a tool for business owners to share catalogs in a more practical way for app users.

So your customers can see the list of products and values. The sales process is much faster and more dynamic. So, take the time to upload your products to the tool. It’s also worth putting images and dedicating yourself when writing the description.

If your company is small and doesn’t have a website, you should bet even more on this feature, which is a great way to increase online sales and your average ticket.

Payment by WhatsApp

Payment through WhatsApp was a feature launched in mid-2020, but it was inactive for a while until, on March 30, 2021, the Central Bank (BC) authorized this practice to be carried out on the network.

This idea helps to make the purchase made by the app even easier!

Until the last update available, it accepts payments from banks:

  • Banco do Brasil (Visa);
  • Nubank (MasterCard);
  • Sicredi (Mastercard and Visa);
  • Woop, Sicredi’s (Visa) digital account.

You must use Facebook Pay and enter your card details. See, in the video below, how to perform the procedure.

The customer will also use Facebook Pay and enter their card details. The process is very simple and intuitive.

Tips on how to communicate by WhatsApp

After starting to use WhatsApp Business and configuring it according to your company’s profile, creating a rich and objective catalog and adding the app to the CRM, the question may arise: “but how can I communicate with the customer?”.

The most important tip is: be clear and truthful, but still create rapport!

Be friendly and give complete answers, for example:

[Customer]: What is the difference between product X and product Y?

[You]: Hi, [customer name]. Product X has the following characteristics […], while Y has the […]. Both are great choices, but depending on what you’re using it for, I can tell you what’s best for you. What do you need these products for? 

Did you understand? Help the client to find a solution, but before asking a question to understand him better, answer what he has already asked. So he stays interested in the conversation. 

Another very important tip is to adapt the language according to the profile of your customers. If you are a company that provides services to law firms, the language certainly needs to be more formal and aligned. Now, if you’re a sporting goods store, try to use abbreviations in conversations and keep in touch more informally.

What not to do on WhatsApp if you want to sell 

Now, let’s talk about the attitudes that can hinder you from making a Whats sale, so let’s go!

  • Do not respond to customer messages quickly: those looking to buy on the internet are certainly looking for ease, practicality and agility, so taking a long time to serve them may cause them to opt out of the purchase;
  • Give incomplete answers: as mentioned, when sending a message to a consumer, make sure you are answering everything he asked in a friendly way;
  • Do not send messages with grammatical errors: a typo can even go unnoticed, but always try to write well and proofread each text before being sent. Pay attention to agreement, repetition, sentence order, cohesion and coherence;
  • Do not feed leads: even if using Whats, do post-sales, because that way there are more chances to retain the customer and know how to improve your company;
  • Do not update the profile: always keep the catalog current, change the information when necessary.

How to use sales techniques on WhatsApp

The sales techniques are ways to understand what the customer wants, needs and how you can help. And, as a specific technique for Whats, we brought two that are very relevant.

Make a fully consultative sale

Consultative sales are those in which the salesperson is not just an order taker or a bank of information for the customer to extract their doubts from. This technique consists of assisting you in all sales processes and seeks to help you solve the problems presented.

The idea is to really be a true “expert consultant” who has notoriety about what he sells and who cares if the product/service makes sense for the customer.

Make up selling and cross selling

These two sales techniques are very similar, the first is the strategy of offering the customer an additional product/service in which he is already interested, which may or may not be related to the first purchase.

Now, cross selling is the act of making available something related to the first purchase?

  • Example of up selling: a television is sold and the seller says that famous phrase “let’s take the opportunity and take the washing machine”, for example. There is no relationship between the two products, but as a link has already been established between the consumer and the seller, chances are he will consider purchasing something else.
  • Example of cross-selling: the customer buys a complete suit and, when deciding to close this purchase, the seller can offer a product that complements him, such as shoes, shirt, tie, cufflinks or scarves.

By carrying out these sales techniques, the service becomes a differential and one complements the other, as by understanding the consumer’s difficulties, it is possible to offer additional products to help them and vice versa.

Golden tip

Now, finally, knowing how to sell through WhatsApp is really essential knowledge for any commercial department, but there is not only this tool to optimize the life of a salesperson and help him to sell more and better. There are many others!

Over time, technologies change, devices evolve and processes evolve. So, to stay up to date and always be a high-performance salesperson, invest in constant training. Update at all times and stay ahead of the market.