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Gym in the building: what are the advantages for the owner?

Nowadays, with the running routine we take, it is really a privilege to have a gym in the building. Being able to exercise without worrying about commuting or with a fixed monthly fee is very advantageous for those who do not give up on health and well-being. After all, quality of life comes first, doesn’t it?

That is why the buildings with a gym are becoming major trends in the real estate market, standing out for the excellent cost-benefit ratio. If you are still not convinced of the advantages of being able to exercise in the comfort of your own home, you need to read this post. So, come on!

What are the main advantages?

Savings with tuition

However good the terms of payment and the service offered, one thing is certain: academia is not a cheap investment. In this sense, whoever has a gym in the building is ahead in terms of economy, since they do not need to pay any fixed monthly fee.

Not to mention that, on those rainy or extremely busy days, there will be no excuse to skip training, as the devices will be there, on the side of the house. Of course, the condominium rate tends to increase with this perk. But, without a doubt, the savings at the end of the month will be even greater, if we compare with the fixed price and the expenses with travel and parking to another gym.

Therefore, cost-effectiveness pays off a lot. Especially because the fitness area of ​​the building is generally more compact and with multiple function devices, saving space and costs. Thus, the condominium fee is not abusive and neither will you stop exercising with quality and efficiency. It’s good for both sides!

More time to exercise

Here is another great advantage of the gym in the building: having that extra time to exercise at the most unlikely times or even on weekends and holidays. The building’s fitness space is unlikely to be closed, just in case of maintenance, so you can use it whenever you want.

In other words, the worry of finding a fixed time to go to the gym is over. In fact, it is very inconvenient to leave the house to arrive at the establishment and find it crowded, especially in the mornings or early evenings, which are usually the peak hours at neighborhood gyms. Having this space in the building, it is certain that the place will respect the number of residents and the number of users so that the use is comfortable for everyone.

Guaranteed convenience and safety

Just leave the apartment and pay for the elevator to go to the gym, whenever you want. Is there greater comfort than that? In addition to being able to exercise regularly in the comfort of your own home, having a gym in the building is also much safer for users. In the case of a gym outside the building, it is always necessary to be careful with certain times for the sake of safety.

Thus, several possibilities turn out to be inconvenient. If we arrive early to have more security on the streets, the gym is usually crowded. If we leave to go later and find the gym empty, the streets are often deserted. Complicated, isn’t it? With a fitness space inside the building itself, this dilemma is over.

Socializing with residents

Another indisputable advantage of the academy in the building is being able to socialize with the other residents. With the day to day running, it is normal that even our own neighbors go unnoticed by us. But, in the fitness area, this will certainly change.

You will be able to interact with the neighborhood, get to know the profile of the building’s residents better and, who knows, make friends for the rest of your life. Not to mention that you will be on top of everything that happens in the condominium.

Property valuation

There is no doubt that a property with a complete leisure area and fitness space is much more valued than a property without these attributes. This is because the great tendency of the real estate market is precisely to offer residents the maximum convenience possible inside their own home, aiming at the comfort and safety of all.

So, if you buy an apartment in a building like this, you will surely have a return on your investment. This is true both in terms of cost-benefit for when you are enjoying the amenities of the condominium, and in case you decide to rent or resell the property in the future. An apartment in a building with a gym is certainly not long in the sales catalog!

What are the gym rules in the building?

The usability of the gym will basically depend on the status of the condominium in question, as the rules tend to vary from one building to another. Before using the space, it is very important that the resident consult the regulations to be aware of the rules of use.

Usually, there is an employee responsible for managing the entire functioning of the fitness area. He can manage the times that each resident usually frequents the space, to avoid overcrowding and discomfort, offering the best experience for everyone. It is also the responsibility of the employees of the condominium to schedule the maintenance of the space, to ensure the quality and safety of all gym equipment.

These equipment, even, must be of first line. In addition, when setting up the gym, they must be installed under the supervision of physical education professionals and management of sports companies. Thus, any resident who uses the space will be properly insured.

At the condominium meetings, all residents must be aware of the gym’s operation and its internal rules, even those who do not attend the place. Even because they may be interested in space someday, right? This is important for the rules to be openly discussed, aiming at a comfortable and functional space for everyone.

Now you are up to date with the gym in the building. With so many advantages, there is no doubt that choosing such a property is the best option, combining health and quality of life with your routine.n