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How to set up a real estate email marketing?

It has been a few years since people started to prioritize instant communication, which made apps like WhatsApp and Messenger gain space in everyone’s life. In this new scenario, many believe that e-mail is a thing of the past and that it is doomed to extinction.

However, this tool is still very important and is part of the marketing strategy of several sectors. So, if you want to increase your sales, you must bet on real estate email marketing.

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Is it worth investing in real estate email marketing?

You may not know it, but email marketing has a low implementation cost and can help the broker generate leads, improving his sales performance. Check out this and other reasons to start adopting this strategy below!

Excellent ROI

The Return on Investment (ROI) of email marketing is high. This is because the tools used have a very low acquisition cost. In addition, they are intuitive, which may dispense with hiring a professional to create and monitor the campaign.

Easy measurement of results

One of the fears of real estate agents when investing in marketing  is not being able to measure the efficiency of the approach. However, email marketing can be analyzed in a simple way, since the tools hired generate reports that show how many people opened the email, clicked on the links, etc.

Integration with other strategies

If the broker already has a more structured communication plan, which includes social media and a website, for example, the real estate email marketing strategy can be integrated with him without any prejudice.

By creating campaigns and promotions on social networks and placing banners on the website, it is possible to invite readers to leave emails. With the addresses in hand, it is easy to start chatting with your potential customers through the email box.

Strengthens your brand

A realtor needs to develop a personal brand that conveys credibility, agility and professionalism. When working with email marketing, the professional is able to signal to the client that he takes the profession seriously, dedicating time to update himself and offer an innovative approach.

Educates the customer

One of the day-to-day challenges for brokers is to take the time to dedicate themselves to answering customer questions. If this is not done, there is a rude and disinterested image. But, if you already know what your customers’ common problems are, why not answer them by email?

You can even take the time to clear up a common question a week and send it to contacts interested in that topic. Thus, you manage your time better, dedicating the visit to the properties to convert the visitor into a buyer.

What is the step by step of an email marketing strategy?

Choose a suitable tool

There are many options that you can choose when creating your email marketing. The most popular is Mail Chimp, a very intuitive tool that offers free shipping for up to 2,000 people.

In addition, Mail Chimp has an excellent delivery rate. This means that this company has developed an efficient system, recognized by email providers as reliable.


Another very popular option among marketers is E-goi. Created in Portugal, this tool is ideal for those who have some knowledge about sales funnels. This is because it is possible to accompany the customer in their different stages of the purchase journey, devising an approach for each one. You can use E-goi’s basic services for free to send emails to up to 5001 users.


This is a tool used all over the world, but, unlike the others suggested here, it does not have a free plan. However, its initial cost is affordable: $ 1.00 a month. As it is a more complete option, it is indicated for more experienced professionals or for more advanced marketing strategies.

Define your target audience

It is very important for the broker to know his client’s profile. What many forget is that this profile goes beyond the economic. Features such as age and geographic location, for example, are very important when creating email marketing. Therefore, when starting your strategy, be careful to develop content suitable for the reader.

Pay attention to readability

An e-mail must be light, so if you want to insert images, be careful that they do not exceed 500 kb. The choice of fonts must also be made carefully. When in doubt, choose the classic Arial, which is easy to read and suitable for all formats and devices.

Create responsive content

Currently, many people access e-mail via smartphones, and this must be taken into account when setting up your e-mail marketing strategy. So, create content designed to be accessed by cell phones. Remember that your target audience does not want to spend the entire data package to read a single message.

Create an editorial calendar

This tip is indispensable in all strategies that involve content. Through an editorial calendar, we reflect on what will be sent to the reader, with a focus on the quality of the text. This also avoids going long periods without sending messages.

Don’t buy email list

This practice is often used by those who are beginning to employ email marketing strategies, but it is not advisable at all. Upon receiving an e-mail that you have not requested or authorized, the reader will ask to be removed from the mailing list and will be left with a very bad impression from the sender. What’s more, it can flag your message as SPAM, causing your e-mail to be automatically forwarded to junk mail.

So, create a space on your website dedicated to harvest email signatures or start sending messages to the addresses you already have. It is recommended that the content of the first message be a presentation, informing the reader that from then on he will receive your information.

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