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How to use Instagram to sell real estate?

You probably have already stopped to think about different ways to use the internet to get more customers, right? One of the ways to do this is using social media like Blue World City islamabad

Instagram is one of the most popular social networks in the country, with more than 50 million users in Brazil. But can you use Instagram to sell real estate?

The answer is yes. For this, the broker needs to understand how this platform works and what is the best way to turn it into a tool to conquer business opportunities.

If you were curious, read this article to the end!

Understanding the potential of Instagram

According to the Social Media Trends 2018 survey, conducted by the company Rock Content, Instagram was identified as the preferred social network of 47.1% of respondents in the study.

In addition, it is important to remember that Instagram was developed for use by the cell phone. A study published by ComScore  (2018) revealed that Brazilians access the internet primarily through this device (73%).

Therefore, Instagram is a social network designed for a new form of data consumption. It is not by chance that most telephone operators offer unlimited access to this application as a way of retaining customers.

But how to use all this potential to sell real estate? Let’s get some tips!

Have a professional profile

The first step is to create a professional Instagram account. In the case of the realtor, this must be done to avoid confusion in the application’s profile, that is, it is not interesting that pictures of real estate mix with personal images of the broker.

Instagram allows you to have two types of accounts: one for ordinary users and one for companies. The “company” type account must be associated with a Facebook page. If you already have a marketing strategy on this social network, take the opportunity to unite them.

This is important because it allows an analysis of metrics, which will serve for the broker to draw a profile of his target audience and improve the way he communicates with his visitor.

In addition, with a professional profile, the broker is able to create ads on both social networks  more accurately. This means that your advertising will actually be seen by potential customers, because it is based on people’s browsing behavior on both tools (Facebook and Instagram).

Learn basic photography techniques

The photo is the main product that you will offer to a follower. As we are talking about real estate, it is important that these images are pleasant to see, arousing the interest of those who are sliding their fingers across the screen of the cell phone.

Most smartphones have a camera capable of taking good photos for Instagram, but that doesn’t mean that the devices do everything themselves. Take care that the images are not dark. Frame objects (facades, rooms, furniture, etc.) efficiently.

The easiest way to understand these techniques is to follow photographers on the social network. When looking at professional images, the broker will develop a smarter look to produce the images themselves.

If you are a partner of a real estate company, take advantage of the images that the company has – always asking for authorization and placing the credits.

Become an “instagrammer”

In general, any company that joins a social network aims to become influential for its followers. Therefore, when it comes to the real estate market, the realtor needs to become a reference for those who follow him.

One of the most interesting tools to do this is Instagram Stories, a tool similar to the “status” of Facebook or WhatsApp, inspired by Snapchat.

The real estate agent can create “stories” showing a property or taking small questions from his followers. Just be careful not to become artificial or cartoon. Do some tests in front of the camera so that you can develop a language suitable for your audience and comfortable for you.

It is also important to avoid many stories because they can become tiring for those who see them.

Create videos and become a reference

When it comes to using Instagram to sell real estate, there are two very interesting tools: video and IGTV. The difference between them is the duration. On Instagram, it is possible to publish videos of up to 1 minute.

Instagram recently launched IGTV to compete with YouTube. Thus, it is possible to publish videos with a longer duration, ideal for showing a property inside or talking about the conditions of a real estate financing, for example.

It is important to note that smartphones already provide basic video editing tools.

Use hashtags

Instagram hashtags work similarly to twitter tags. By clicking on a hashtag, it is possible to see several publications on the same subject. It is even possible to follow hashtags in the same way as you follow people.

It is important to talk about this, as a person who is following the tag # SãoPaulo can see your publication about a property. So choose the tags that are relevant to your sales strategy.

Do not worry about the number of terms used, as long as they are related to the publication.

Interact with people

Becoming a digital influencer requires humility. So be prompt with your followers and always try to answer them. If they contact you by message, direct them to the appropriate service channel (phone, email, WhatsApp, etc.).

Leaving a person unanswered on social media is similar to the situation where a salesperson leaves the customer unattended. This does not make sense when there is an interest in selling.

One tip is to put on your Instagram profile the times you are online in the app. That way, the internet user will understand the reason for not having been answered on a holiday, for example.

Now that you understand the importance of using Instagram to sell real estate, it’s time to put these tips into practice to leverage your sales!

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